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Monday, January 22, 2007

Vacation Photos: Fingal Bay - Jan 2007

Accompanying these photos is a podcast series within The Podshow About Nothing [podcast].
Links to each episode are below.

Day One [Saturday, 6th Jan 2007]
Day One Audio

The Fingal Bay.

My dinner. YUM!

Bathroom pix.
Blake, Matt, Jessie, and Moi

Blake SLAPPED by Amz.
She asked if she could.
He agreed.
And you thought we had to worry about women being abused!

Day Two [Sunday, 7th Jan 2007]
Day Two Audio

Waking up on day two.

YAY!! Scrubs for breakfast!

Yummy dinner of mine!

Can't go without a wicked Derek Dessert!

Uno. (Is #1)

Night Soccer.

Day Three [Monday, 8th Jan 2007]
Day Three Audio

Waking up on day three.

Yay! Scrubs every morning!

On the way to check out the kayak situation.

My first time ever lawn bowling!

My Balls.

Derek "the silly goose".

Craig and moi. Mmm icy pole thingos.

Le Mexican.
Mexican Night!

Editing some retarded cracks.

Blake & Amelia went missing.

Marks car is a hazard!

Day Four [Tuesday, 9th Jan 2007]
Day Four Audio

Waking up on day four.

Mmm car window air. (On the way to golf)

The crappy golf (9-hole) course!

Moi getting ready to play some putt putt.

Moi putting.

Matt driving those balls.

I hate cricket!

Nathan bowling some shit cricket.

Massive waves.

Jet skiier was getting air all day at Fingal Bay.

'A la Cracker' by Fig-Jay.

Day Five [Wednesday, 10th Jan 2007]Day Five Audio

Waking up on day five.

On the big 4x4 bus thing to the dunes.

Me at the dunes.

Dune board racing. =]

Camel at the dunes.

After lunch at Fingal Bay!

My dinner.

Coookies!! (I made them)

Day Six [Thursday, 11th Jan 2007]
Day Six Audio

Chris (aka "Cat"), Brooke, and Blake queuing for the water slide.

Brooke ready to go down the water slide!

Kangaroos all over the good golf course. Giddy!

That's my ball! Craig's giving me the thumbsup!

Day SevenYay! 7 [Friday, 12th Jan 2007]
Day Seven & Eight Audio

Going shopping. (for food, again)

Tanning at Fingal Bay.

Seafood lunch. Farewelling the early cricketing leavers.

A crazy lighter for a silly reason.

Going to be after watching "Silent Hill".

Day Eight [Saturday, 13th Jan 2007]
Day Seven & Eight Audio

Stuffing the cars to return home.

Jessie sleepin on the ride home.

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